Reviewing Actiderm products

I recently tried out a few products from Actiderm including their HD foundation and I was very impressed. It’s quite difficult finding a foundation with really great coverage for a cheap price, but I think I’ve found my new favourite!actiderm

I started my make-up routine by applying their NoTox moisturiser, which can be applied in the morning just before you apply your foundation. I love how it makes your skin feel soft and just improves the overall appearance of your skin. I then used a very small amount of the 3D corrector, which again gives the skin a healthy glow. This can be used on its own or as base before foundation – it depends on how much coverage you want or if you want to go for a subtle make-up look. Now on to the foundation, the shade I’m using is Monmarte, and the great thing is that a little goes a long way! I only apply a little amount with my fingers and it gives really good coverage, it managed to cover up any spots I had. And it lasted all day! From when I put it on at 8am to 5pm! Lastly, I applied the Le Joli Crayon in shade Rose Quartz. I don’t usually like bright shades but this one is so pretty and it feels so smooth when applying – it feels like Vaseline on your lips!

So this is how my make-up looked afterwards:


I really loved using all of the products and I really recommend that you have a look at their products here  I’m sure you will love them!

Have you tried out any new products lately?


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