4 ways to get clearer skin

We all strive to have clear, glowy skin. But finding a cream or natural remedy can be costly and time consuming, so luckily for you, I’m going to share my own tips (from personal experience, may I add) on how to achieve that.

Note how I used the word ‘clearer’ instead of ‘clear’ as unfortunately I’m yet to discover how to stop the occasional breakout due to stress and hormonal changes. However, you should notice a big difference in the appearance of your skin after following these tips.

1. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

A healthy diet is a must if you want great skin, after all, what you eat is reflected on your skin and overall health. Many fruit and vegetables contain beta-carotenes, which reduces skin oils and can naturally clear up acne. However, since it contains a high sugar content, it is suggested that you lower your intake of fruit and consume more veggies instead. Carrots, apricots and sweet potatoes are good examples.

2. Exercise

Exercise is not just great for your health, it is great for your skin too. It helps by lowering your stress levels, which may be contributing to your acne breakouts. Physical activity also helps by increasing your blood circulation and as a result carries cell waste away and nourishes the skin. However, sweating can worsen your acne, so make sure to wash your face after exercising!

3. Green Tea

Drinking 3 – 6 cups of green tea daily can make your skin produce less sebum, reduce your inflammation levels and boost your immune system. It’s no wonder that the effects are brilliant and long-lasting! As with any kind of acne “treatment” it it no miracle cure by no means, but many people, myself included, have seen a dramatic difference since consuming this beverage. I no longer get deep spots like I used to, and the spots I do get, are small and disappear in very little time. Some people also find that making a face mask of green tea and honey and applying it on acne covered areas also works wonders!

4. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very soothing for the skin and is great for those with dry, flaky skin. Surprisingly, it is also very effective at reducing acne due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. The oil kills germs, bacteria, and helps to heal open wounds on the skin caused by acne. Another good point to mention is that coconut oil contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives. It’s an all natural remedy that will leave your skin looking nourished and healthier. It can also help banish unwanted acne scars.


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