5 things that you should be grateful for

One of the reasons I decided to write this post is to act as a self-reminder of all the great things I sometimes take for granted. It might even put things into perspective for you. Inevitably, we focus on everything that is wrong with our lives, instead of appreciating what is right with it. Here is a list of all the things which make a positive impact on my life, and probably yours too.

  1. People

Family. Friends. Friends of friends. That nice old lady who you’ve spoken to on the bus. That helpful person who gave you directions when nobody else could. That person who picked up all the change you dropped on the floor and saved you from embarrassment. There are some great people out there, you just have to look.

  1. Animals

Every single animal on the planet is amazing. We learn a lot from them; love, companionship, loyalty. And they learn from us. Animals are a part of o
ur lives and society. You can’t always rely on people, but you can always count on the unconditional love from your pet. Never take them for granted. Ever.

15056514269_079d6553223. Books 

Crime. Fantasy. Science fiction. There’s a book for everyone. Books teach us, inspire us, move us. So read a book, or two, or several. Read until you feel like your head might explode. Just read.


Sometimes these stories keep us going; we live through them. And we create our own.

  1. Music

We need music in the world. Music is there for us; regardless of the mood you are in. Listen to those songs that make the hairs on your arms stand up. Listen to those songs that9628065221_2945686956.jpg make you feel good. Listen to those songs that make you want to get up and dance even though you’re the world’s worst dancer. Because music makes us feel.

  1. The necessities

Food. Water. A home. Good health. Often we forget the more important things in life. And often we forget about those who go without. Appreciate what you have. Always.




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